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With the growing number of factory offerings in efficient, short action cartridges, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to justify wildcatting them. While the 6.5 Creedmoor is very accurate and efficient, it is not the best, nor is it even the most popular amongst competitors. That title has, for at least the time being, fallen to the 6.5x47 Lapua. However, that cartridge is almost exclusive to handloaders and the only available brass comes from those pesky Finns.

The 6.5x47 still isn't the fastest. That title belongs to the 6.5 SAUM and that's only for people who like replacing their barrels after a couple of matches. So if you're not a glutton for punishment like the SAUM folks you could stick with the venerable 6.5x284 Norma. The Norma is fast and even has some factory ammo. Unfortunately, it really belongs in a long action.

This brings us to what we like to call The Imp. "Bring out the Imp." Technically referred to as the 260 Remington Improved 30 Degree. The Imp has the same shoulder angle and efficiency of the Creedmoor and 6.5x47 but with increased case capacity. The Imp is capable of sending a 140gr Berger Hybrid nearly 3000fps from a 26" tube with single base powders and 2,900+ with double base powders.

Another plus with the Imp is it shoots 260 Rem factory ammo just fine. Depending on your point of impact shift you might even be able to shoot the near and intermediate targets in an across the course match.

We have just received our first Imp rifle back from one our favorite gunsmith and we're ready to hit the range and puts some numbers on the board. Check back here at our blog often for the upcoming articles on The Imp and our latest 6.5-06 Ackley.

Build Specs for our two imps are as follows:

Bartlein M40 6.5mm 8" Twist @ 24" threaded 3/4 x 24

Defiance Deviant Tactical Action

MPA Competition Chassis (Still waiting so the McRees is getting shared)

Timney Calvin Elite 2-Stage Flat

APA Fat Bastard

Bartlein M40 6.5mm 8" Twist @ 24" threaded 3/4 x 24

Remington 700 Blueprinted Action

McRees G7 Chassis System

Timney Calvin Elite Curved

Coastal 7.62 Ti Suppressor

Delta Design DTA 3/4 x 24 to 5/8 x 24 Adapter

Load Development: 130gr Berger OTM Hybrid (mag fed)


42.5 - 2800, 2796

43.0 - 2825, 2836, 2830

43.5 - 2923, 2861, 2861

44.0 - 2898, 2879

44.5 - 2943, 2917

45.0 - 2956, 2962, 2965

45.3 - 3037, 2989, 2972 (most accurate load)

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